Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park 7/22 AM


Guided Greg for a 1/2 day of jigging. It’s been windy, windy and even more windy over the past 3 days and it will continue. This can make fishing tricky – actually what it really makes challenging is boat control. Boat control is one of the most overlooked aspects of fishing and fishing success – you can be a top-notch angler but if you only get to fish an area superficially (or is it “super-fish-ally”) you may not have much luck. I use a high powered trolling motor, drift bags and often will upsize to a 1+1/2 oz jig head. Most of the time, one or a combination of the above will be the key. Sometimes it’s all for nothing – especially when exposed to heavy winds. As I write this, the winds are gusting to 30 mph! That’s not a time to be out on any of the large or even medium sized Finger Lakes unless you are very selective in your area being fished and launch site. For the most part, I don’t find it worth it being out in those conditions, which can be downright dangerous on lakes like Seneca and Cayuga and even Canandaigua or Skaneateles (you can throw Owasco in there too)

Greg managed to land one fish today but it was a beauty – a 29″ solid brown trout which he released after a couple photos. It was probably around 12lbs. He lost a smaller but not small one and had follows from some other fish. The algae bloom disappeared momentarily up by AES but came back a little bit. Hopefully it will be gone soon. We had a little better visibility today with upwards of 6′ of clarity.