Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park 7/23 AM


Guided Dan, Jim and Bill for what wound up being a fairly long 1/2 day. Long because the fishing was slow. We got off to an encouraging start with Dan picking up two lakers in short order. Only thing is that they were in the 13" range – dinks. Glad to see the little guys doing well, but it's not what we are out after!

We fished in some of my favorite later-season areas and had a few opportunities. "Dan the Man" eventually hooked and landed a nice 26"er. A few fish were dropped by Jim. So it wasn't completely poor/slow fishing, but pretty darn tough when compared to how Cayuga usually fishes heading into August. It is possible that the high water events i.e. all the debris/murk/algae pushed some fish out deeper into a more stable zone. Clearly a lot of fish have moved away from the usual nearshore areas. A lot will depend on the next round of rain and air temperatures. This bloom could disappear shortly or plague us for the rest of the summer season. Stay tuned! I will probably check on Owasco and possibly even Seneca Lake shortly to see how the fishing is over there. DEC is over at Seneca doing some netting. We'll have answers soon in regards to the lake trout population as well as baitfish numbers.

BTW – Weedmats and debris "plumes" remain issues for trollers. At least the fleas aren't bad….