Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park 7/28 AM


Boat traffic and congestion at the launches is a lot better now on Cayuga Lake and likely elsewhere. Most people take their vacations in late June and during the 1st two weeks in July, after that wave of fun-lovers the traffic lightens up considerably. I picked up Mark and his two college aged sons Jared and Jesse at Taughannock via boat just after 7 am. Fishing for lake trout was very good to excellent with 13 solid fish landed up to 31″ long. Around 70′ to 85′ was the ticket for us. The water is nice and clear and it appears that the terrific “home stretch” of laker jigging is underway. These fish will feed heavily until mid-September on Cayuga Lake, then they start slowing down in anticipation of the spawn, which takes place around Taughannock Points and nearby areas in early to mid September.

Client from this past week Rory did a bit of trolling and some jigging throughout the week. He is certain that he found some smelt in the stomachs of a nice 8lb salmon and a few lakers. If so, that’s a good sign. Runs were supposedly ok this spring. If any of you are finding smelt in fish, please let me know. The gobies may act as a buffer – diverting fish’s attention away from smelt and towards themselves. Good smelt populations make for fun and predictable spring LL Salmon fishing. We’ll see what happens.