Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park 7/3 AM


Another day with another good blow, this time from the south.  The forecast called for south winds gusting into the upper-20s.  Met longtime client Kevin and his (just turned) 13-year-old son Alex at Myers at 7:30 am.  We headed south in order to avoid the winds later.  Fishing started off pretty good.  Today was primarily about Alex getting into a lake trout.  He fished with me once before, when his older sister had all the luck.  Back then, Alex was around 9-years old and pretty impatient.  Today, he was a lot better.  The bite was good to start and Alex got the hang of the jigging in fairly short order once I switched him to a left-handed crank.  He liked the right-handed crank, but what do you know when you’re thirteen?  Not a whole lot!

Alex had all he could handle with the fish he hooked!  I had a lot of fun watching him try to get this fish up out of the depths.  Kevin had to step in so my rod didn’t get broken on the right-angled edge of the gunnel.  Alex wound up landing a 28″ beauty!   He lost another good fish later.  Kevin landed a few fish today before our bite shut off.  The lake kicked up pretty good around 10 am! No sign of algae yet!

A kite-boarder was out and it wasn’t a good day for the usual July 4th weekend boating activities.  It was “ruff”, as any dog would tell you!  I don’t mind dogs warning me about the rough lake, but when they start commenting on some of the women hanging out in the park, they take it a bit far.  Bad dawg!

This Saturday July 6th just opened up for trips!  If you’re interested, please let me know!

Kevin and Alex with Alex's first lake trout!

Kevin's a very good angler and here he is hooked up! He had a lot of hits today!