Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park 7/30 AM + 31


Got back on Cayuga Lake for a couple trips.  Conditions are generally good here, although there are some areas of somewhat poor visibility and algae.

7/30:  Guided Dave and his grandkids Garrett and Lucas (who are both basically adults) for a half-day trip.  The bite was very good throughout much of the morning.  We had double-digit numbers of fish landed, along with many others dropped.  Fish ran up to 28″ long and we had two wild fish in the mix.

7/31:  Today I was out for a slightly abbreviated full day with Dave aka “Moose” and his wife Karen. I last guided Dave back in 2012.  We started just before 7 am with Karen landing a fish on her first drop of the jig.  Most of the morning featured an excellent bite.  Fishing slowed around 11:30 or so then picked up maybe 90 minutes later when we picked up a couple more fish then called it an early day.  The water did have some discoloration with maybe 3′ of visibility, but it didn’t seem to affect the fish.   Best fish of the day was Dave’s 33″er.  Solid double-digit day with all fish released except for one bleeder.  Fish are now well-distributed throughout the lake and it feels like August out there – which of course, it just about is!

"Moose" hooked up!

Karen on

Karen with a fish

Karen again...

And again...