Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park 7/4 AM


Guided Ian from Wisconsin today starting just after 6 am.  We were out until 10:45 or so before we headed back.  Myers was getting busy but it wasn’t crazy, yet.   Lake trout were on his bucket list and he happened to be in the area so I was glad that he gave me a call.  We had very solid fishing today with 8 nice fish landed.  He got one on his first drop that got off just before I could net it.  Other than that, a few hits were had but he landed every good hookup – he was a real natural at the technique.  Fish ran from 14.5″ (amongst the smallest laker I’ve seen on Cayuga) to a couple pushing 28″ to 29″.  A couple of the fish had old lamprey wounds but were in good condition otherwise.  One hit/momentary hookup may have been had by a salmon/rainbow.  We had good fishing on both sides of the lake from AES on north.  Water clarity is still excellent!  I am in awe – it’s probably been 4 to 5 years since I’ve seen a clear Cayuga Lake going past the 4th of July.  I sure hope this continues!

This Saturday and Sunday remain open.  After that, July 12th, 14th and then from the 20th through the 27th and 29th through the 31st remain open.

An early morning solid laker at 28" or 29"

A fish caught just before we called it a day