Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park 8/14


I did an AM and PM trip out of Myers today. Both trips featured excellent fishing. I’ll be taking a break from the guiding this weekend, but I’m sure that the fishing will be really good!

Did my AM trip starting at 6:30 with Wayne and Lucas. It was a bit windy and a little choppy to start. We worked our way up the lake. Wayne’s first fish fought great and ripped out a lot of line. It stayed down. He thought I should tighten the drag; I thought it was a BIG fish. I was right. After a good fight I slipped the net under the hefty 33″ lake trout – our biggest this year out of Cayuga! After a couple quick photos the fish took off. Angling was very good for the rest of the AM with another 5 or 6 fish landed, most in the range that’s been typical this year – 22″ to 24″.

My PM trip was with three local anglers – Todd, Tony and Stewart. We picked up right where the first group left off with some terrific fishing. Over 20 fish were landed. A brown and decent landlocked salmon were lost, as were a fair number of other fish, but overall the guys did great. A lot of small salmon were chasing the jigs. Hopefully these fish will grow up fast and provide some decent angling this winter, if not next season.

We had a lot of fun with fish ranging from 50′ to 120′ of water. Cayuga’s trout fishing is excellent right now! The guys kept a few for the grill with most released. Lamprey wounding rates are very low. The usual Lunker City Shakers and Swimfish did the trick.