Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park 8/15


Guided a full day today starting just after 7:45 am. Yesterday's rains avoided Cayuga Lake and the east shore for the most part, but the upper reaches of Taughannock Creek received heavy downpours and in turn, loads of silt and debris were washed into Cayuga Lake. There are some large, boat and boat prop damaging logs floating around as well as a couple large debris fields. Water visibility in some areas was about 1' today. Winds are going to move this water around and we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Today's fishing wasn't easy. We did alright with a half dozen fish landed today by Mark and his sons Mason and Ian. They all came in one basic area – and we fished a half dozen top areas. It obviously isn't the kind of action I like to see or even expect in August on Cayuga Lake, but given the torrential rainstorms that came through the area yesterday, I was very pleased with our results. I've seen fish completely lock-jawed during similar conditions (2 years ago was a great example.) The fish caught were solids with three fish in the 29" range and a couple 27s and one smaller one. Fishing should improve by the day. My fingers are crossed! Stay tuned – I am out every day up through at least Sunday.