Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park 8/21 – 8/23


Fishing continues to be good to very good on Cayuga Lake.  I haven’t had to do much running as of late.  We are generally fishing within a few miles of the park, which is good all the way around.  Less time running equals more time fishing.   Lake trout have been running large.  We have encountered a few salmon and browns.  Depths for us remain around 70′ to 90′.  Plenty of bait is around all over the place.  Fish stomachs that I’ve cleaned contain mostly alewives and a few gobies.   Boat traffic was fairly light over the past few days.  Water clarity has been excellent.  No signs of any algae.


8/21 am:  Guided Greg in the morning.  We went searching for browns.  Greg managed to nab a solid 26″ fish that fought great.  He also caught a few nice lakers.

Greg with nice brown

8/21 pm:  Guided Bennett and his dad Mark for my 11:30 am trip.  Bennett joined me a year ago around Memorial Weekend with his now fiance’ Colleen for some solid laker action out of Long Point.  We had terrific fishing today with a bunch of nice lakers landed including Bennett’s 32″ slob!  Fishing was very good to excellent for us and the wind kept us cool.

A good fish from 8/21 PM

Bennett's 32" Wild Lake trout

8/22 am:  Guided Jack, who keeps his boat over at the private marina at Myers. He first went out with me maybe back around 2013 and caught a gorgeous rainbow back then.  He has a long history with Cayuga as well as Canandaigua Lake.  The bite was tougher this morning despite having a lot of fish around.  He wound up landing a couple nice lakers but had a lot of short strikes.  Gorgeous day and fun to be out nonetheless.

8/23 am:  Guided Kevin and Ian from last Saturday along with Kevin’s friend and “cousin in-law” Matt for a 1/2 day.  We had a slow start to the morning that was very reminiscent of yesterday’s start with Jack.  Kevin did manage to land one laker in short order but we had a ton of fish below us all morning and again, a lot of short hits and misses from the fish.  Later in the AM the fishing really picked up and the guys landed another 9 fish.  A salmon was lost near the net, but it would’ve been released anyways as well.  Fun day and fish were fighting hard.  Boat traffic was the lightest I’ve seen for a weekend so far this season.  Colleges are getting underway and that probably has something to do with it.

Matt with one