Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park 9/5


Guided Doug and his grandson Wesley for a full day starting at 7:30 am.  The bite was better than yesterday, which was better than the previous day, but overall the fishing still wasn’t what I’ve come to expect for late-August/early September on Cayuga Lake.  The fishing was still very good with some very nice fish caught.  But usually the bite is downright excellent this time of year.  The weather is likely still the main factor and I expect the bite to keep improving until the next front comes through.

Doug doesn’t fish much overall and probably did 1/3rd to 1/2 as many drops of his jig than Wes did.  He mainly likes to come out so he can enjoy watching Wes fish.  Wes wound up catching all the fish today – 7 solid lakers to 31″ and one beautiful rainbow at 26″.  The rainbow fought superbly!  A couple great runs and some aerials.  Many people may not be aware of this, but Finger Lakes rainbows likely have roots in steelhead stocks from California.  We released all fish today.  Very few boats were out fishing.  We had most areas we fished completely to ourselves today, which was the opposite of yesterday.

Wes with a laker

Another laker

31" laker

26" Chromer! (Rainbow)

Wes and his grandfather have been coming out with me since Wes could barely hold/handle a rod!  It’s nice to watch kids grow up and get more into fishing!   He had one other rainbow trout follow his jig to the surface. The bite really slowed down for us during the middle of the day toward the tail end of our trip. We probably went three hours without a fish.   Just before we wrapped up Wes nabbed one more laker.

Although I have a pretty full slate of trips set up for this month (September) I hope to find some time to fish on my own.  I have done very little fishing over the past few months and I hope to remedy that soon.  I have three open dates left in September for guiding – Sunday the 19th, Sunday the 26th and Thursday the 30th.   My October availability is still good.  Open dates are listed on a prior report – my 9/1 + 9/2 report.   I will keep that up to date until I do my next listing.