Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park 9/8 AM


Guided Spencer and his father in-law Jim today starting just after 7 am.  I didn’t recognize him right away, but after a little bit of talking I found out and remembered that I’d guided Jim twice before on Cayuga Lake quite some time ago.   These guys both live near each other south of Portland Point and Spencer in particular wanted to learn the lower lake a bit better, so that’s where we fished today.  We had a respectable day with a couple large wild fish landed and a couple smaller, albeit nice sized hatchery fish as well.  Follows and hits were had that were likely salmon or rainbows as well.   Boat traffic was light.  Keep in mind that the Bear’s/Barney’s Fall Derby is this weekend and there will be quite a few boats out on the water.

I just had three cancellations in September, so my availability is now:

Wednesday 9/15, 

Thursday 9/16,

Sunday 9/19,

Sunday 9/26 

Thursday 9/30 

Spencer's 1st big wild fish of the day

Another nice wild fish