Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park 9/9 – 9/11


Fishing was very good over the past three days.  The lake continues to clear up, with water visibility being excellent right now.   Plenty of fish are available lake-wide.

9/9 AM:  Guided Jack and his friends Sarah and Eric, all of whom were out with me earlier this season for a terrific day out of Long Point State Park.  We had more top-notch fishing today with double-digit numbers of fish.  I have had to move around a bit and having patience has been important, but bite windows have been very solid.


9/9 PM:  My afternoon trip was with Oleg and Victor, who have both joined me before.  I’ve guided Oleg for a quite a few years.   We ran right to where I’d left off this morning and got right into the fish.  The bite window was terrific for maybe two hours, then we had a slower, steady pick of fish.  The guys called it a day after reaching their limit of sizeable lake trout.  The whole day featured beautiful, perfect weather.

9/10 AM:  Guided Joe and his grandson Keenan for a 1/2-day trip.  Suffice to say, I ran them right over to where we had been yesterday and we had another terrific double-digit morning.  Joe was hopeful that Keenan would have some action today after having been on a slow charter on Lake Ontario earlier in the season (or last year – I can’t remember which.)  No need to worry today – Keenan wound up with the hot hand.   He became better at holding and fighting lake trout as the morning went on.

Joe has a long history of pulling-copper and making copperline trolling set-ups with old Victrolas.   He has a place on Seneca Lake and once actually caught a bowfin there while pulling in his trolling set-up!

Joe hooked up

Keenan with a perfect wild fish

Joe and Keenan

9/11:  Guided Steve and his friend Dave for what wound up being a 6-hour day today. I originally had doubles scheduled today and yesterday but had some late cancellations, so the guys opted to stay out longer.  Steve’s been out with me the last couple of years around this timeframe.  It was my first-time meeting Dave, who has had a place on Cayuga Lake for a while now.  Dave has gotten into the jigging via Steve lately and is quite the musky fisherman.  One of his in-laws caught a 10lb+ channel catfish off of his dock a few years ago (his place is near Dean’s Cove.) Cayuga Lake has a fair number of channel catfish but I rarely hear of people targeting them.  A couple decades ago, a few guys trolling for trout got into a few big channel cats out on Cayuga Lake suspended in open water.

We had excellent fishing throughout the day, with solid double-digits landed including some nice big wild specimens and fish running up to 32″ long!  Dave pours some of his own plastics and did well with them.  We caught fish everywhere we fished.  The best colors for us were darker ones.  I was hoping to get a photo of Dave’s 32″ wild beauty, but he didn’t want one.  I should have twisted his arm!