Cayuga Lake out of Myers Town Park 10/5


First off – I have days available this weekend for trips.  I expect good lake trout jigging.  Pike and pickerel action is underway.  Pickerel should be excellent.  Pike fair to good.

Open dates include:  Saturday October 12th, Sunday October 13th and Monday October 14th.   I also have the weekend of the 19th and 20th and the 26th – 27th. Lastly I can do Wednesday October 30th and Thursday the 31st.  Then we’re into November and  casting for inshore lakers on Cayuga, good to excellent pike on Seneca and hopefully some good salmon action on Seneca as well, likely starting around the 2nd week in November. Skaneateles is great for mixed bag action – smallmouths (usually some big ones!), big perch, lakers, rainbows and more.

Did back to back 1/2 days out of Myers.  We had a cold night with some frost. My first trip was with Matt, Jonathon and Travers.  Matt was in my Cornell fly-fishing class back around 11 years ago.  Time sure flies.  We had good south winds to start which were blowing around 10 to 15 mph at times.  They diminished for maybe 20 minutes during the middle of our trip, then resumed again.  We had a fun day with around 5 lakers landed and one salmon around 16 1/2″.  Jon lost a very nice rainbow that jumped a bunch of times!  It was haywire with the strong winds, wave action and nutty rainbow.

Fish on!

Solid October day.  Fish were fairly deep – from around 95′ to 130′.  I cleaned four and they were all pre-spawn.  Fish are super clean and healthy!  Very plump. The crew from DEC doing the eggtake last week said that the Cayuga fish were the nicest looking this year that they’d ever seen!  Some of the guys have been on that crew for over 20 years, so that says a lot.

My PM trip was with Zach and his friend Rick.  Zach wanted to get Rick into jigging lakers.  Rick has a Grady White and is looking to do more fishing. He was impressed by the jigging pattern.   We had 3 solid lakers make it to the net and another 3 or 4 solid fish got off.  Fun day.