Cayuga Lake out of Taughannock 1/11


Got out with my buddy Mike for some salmon fly-fishing. We started around 10:30 am and surprisingly were the only boat out fishing. Can't beat that! As predicted last year, fishing for salmon this season has been top-notch on Cayuga Lake. There are good numbers of 17" to 19" fish and then also some in the 21" range. We haven't seen many dinks – fish under 15" or any fish better than 21" thus far. Clearly they are out there but we just haven't run into them.

We encountered a lot of fish today in a lot of areas and a lot of different depths. We landed 7 salmon and one brown. The brown was a heavy 21" fish. Best salmon was 21" as well. A couple salmon went 16" to 17" with the rest running 19" to 20". Intermediate and Type 3/4 sinking fly-lines both produced grabs for us. For every fish we landed, we probably had follows from another one or two. There were signs of lampreys on probably 50% or more of the fish. Today was a "catch 'em and release 'em" day with all fish going back into the lake. The fish we have harvested thus far this winter have been feeding on equal numbers of alewives and gobies. Water temp was 41 degrees on top.