Cayuga Lake out of Taughannock 11/14


Fished a full day with Tony (from 10/21) targeting pike. We had stellar fishing 3 weeks ago and were hopingfor a repeat. We started at 6:30 am. For once the weather forecasterswere wrong in a positive way – the forecast 20 to 30 mph southerly gusts never materialized. The weatherlooked perfect for pike – light winds, occasional rainand overcast. Tony scored on a couple large Cayuga fish – a 36″ and 37″er, as well as a 24″er – all on spoons. Helost one solidpike and landed a smallmouth on a jerkbait. Thepike werenot hitting aggressively – they were hooked lightly.

Water temperatures have dropped rapidly around creek mouths and along the southern end of Cayuga Lake. We had temps as low as 43 degrees today, and plenty of 46 to 48 degree water. The main lake is around 50/51 degrees right now. I had Tony take a few casts with a white jig around Taughannock Creek. Hehooked a smallish salmon – around 14″, so they are around. Not easy fishing today, but thesize of the pike made up for it – justbeautiful lunker fish.