Cayuga Lake out of Taughannock 11/15


I got out on my own for around 5 hours today. I checked on smallmouth bass and wasn’t able to connect with any. I was using some relatively new techniques (to me) and stayed away from the tried and true for the most part, but either way – bass fishing was tough for me. Re: Pike – I tried a few areas that haven’t produced pike for me in the past, but look good – and they still didn’t produce. So mainly a scouting day today. I had what appeared to be a decent landlocked salmon come after a soft jerkbait. And a little bit later myalewife tube (one of my favorites!) got slammed by a hard fighting 29 1/2″ spawned out lake trout on the east shore. My Canavan tube rod is a favorite rod of mine and did a great job hooking and fighting the fish. The laker was in less than 20′ of water. What a fight!

Not much to report from shore anglers at Taughannock. Laker fishing is slow, but a few salmon are starting to show up. We’ll be hitting our “tried and true” pike areas shortly here on Cayuga and gearing up for salmon! Water temps ranged from 50 to 53 today.