Cayuga Lake out of Taughannock 2/27


Got out with my friend Shahab for a day of casting and fly-casting starting at around 11 am and running until 5 pm. We had a very solid day of fishing mostly pretty shallow (less than 15′ of water) for lake trout and salmon. I had one very nice “tank” of a brown trout follow in a jig. We both caught nice lakers and salmon – probably around 10 to 12 lakers were hooked on the day with around a half dozen netted. We landed 4 salmon from a dink up to a 23″ dropback. A few of my salmon came on flies. Jigs were the key lure for the non-fly caught fish.

The big news is that the marina/launch area at Taughannock is scheduled to be dredged this week and up until March 9th. The park officials may find a way to keep the launch open on the weekend and it is possible that the project could be completed before March 9th. It definitely needs it! It is hard to traverse the channel. Add in some high winds and waves and most boats will be bottoming out. If the lake level comes up, launching might be possible at Myers – but that still could be doubtful. Long Point is probably doable. Seneca launches should all be good as well. I will post any updates as I hear about them here.