Cayuga Lake out of Taughannock 3/12


The weather forecasts were really wrong for today. I postponed a guide trip after hearing about southerlies gusting to 20 mph+. My buddy Mike and I arrived to an “updated forecast” of west winds, some sun and generally calm conditions. Not great for salmon or pike and I left my laker jigging tackle at home!

We checked the AES area and found at least a half dozen people fishing from shore. It looked like someone caught a pike in the flow, but we didn’t see much else. We attempted to fish pike and trout/salmon. Water in the area was generally cold. We worked south end areas for pike and found the fishing tough. Water levels are high – at least a foot or more above full summer pool. Our fat pre-spawn staging pike likely moved out of our areas from the last outing. We worked a lot of water and found some lethargic, mostly smaller pike (males) around. We landed a few fish from around 22″ to 29″ mostly on flies, though one 26″er came on a swimbait. Water temps were around 37 to 38.