Cayuga Lake out of Taughannock 3/21


The weather forecasts turned out to be dead wrong for this weekend. Today was supposed to be cloudy with some rain, it turned out beautiful – mostly sunny with light N. winds. I wasn’t planning on fishing so I did some other things, but after driving up the lake from Ithaca and seeing the great weather/fishing conditions. I figured better late than nothing at all, so I got the boat ready and trailered over to Taughannock and was on the water at 4 pm. I was the only boat trailer in the parking lot!

I found some warm water off the mouth of Taughannock Creek and some other outflows. I didn’t have much success fly-fishing. But eventually I hooked a big fish on a sinking line. The fish got off after a short battle, but it was easy to tell it was a good one – probably in the 20″ to 24″ range, but one can never be sure. Cayuga Lake has come up a bit, so launching is easy. Water temps are mostly around 38/39, but I had 45 off the mouth of Taughannock. Fish are around, but they seem scattered from what I’ve heard. Some stable warm weather should concentrate what’s out there. Some BIG browns have been caught this winter and I’d imagine some very large salmon are around too.