Cayuga Lake out of Taughannock 3/25


I got out in the afternoon at around 2:30 pm. Water levels are high and still rising. Water temperatures are cold – around 36 to 37, and around 39 to 40 at Millican. I fly-fished one of my favorite salmon areas for a while and never got a hit. I talked to trollers in two different boats and both parties reported some decent brown trout fishing and some very small salmon. I’d call it a “troller’s game” for now. They are working vast stretches of shoreline and out towards the depths.

I checked out Millican (AES) and found the usual crowds including boats. I fished it for a while and never had any hits. I saw one small fish taken by the “bubble”. A handful of fish were caught there today. I checked on lakers and marked a few very deep (150′ to 180′) fish.

Bottom Line: Cayuga is currently offering some limited fishing opportunities. Nothing I would want to guide right now. Seneca and Skaneateles are the places to be in my book. I will keep checking on Cayuga as shoreline temperatures come up. There are a lot of nice browns and lakers in this lake and hopefully they’ll start moving close to shore soon.