Cayuga Lake out of Taughannock 3/29 midday


Guided Andy and John for 1/2 day starting at 10 am. We had airtemps around 40 degrees and light rain to start with a light N wind. Fishing was slow for the first 2+1/2 hours. No hits. We tried a bunch of areas that had been productive over the past few weeks/months. We arrived in one stretch and Andy got bit on a tube jig and set the hook into a good fish. It wasn't fighting quite like a laker, which have been dominating the nearshore catch. It wound up being a fat 25" brown. Likely 7lbs+. He had another hit or two then managed to land a 19" salmon. John got into a couple solid lakers in a different area. We kept one laker on the day.

If we'd had the forecast sun and warmer airtemps I think we would've done better. I also thought deep jigging lakers out of Long Point would've been a more sure-fire call, but the guys wanted to cast and fortunately everything worked out. All our fish came on tube jigs today – no hits on stickbaits or bladebaits. Very few boats were out. Water level remains low and water remains cold with 37/38 lakewide and 39 on the south end.