Cayuga Lake out of Taughannock 4/13


I kicked myself out of bed and managed to get on the lake before 10 am. The lake and streams flowing into it are still very cold – around 37 degrees. I fished quickly but had no luck in that stuff. I worked down to the south end of the lake and found some 41 to 42 degree + water. I managed a nice 23″ brown trout on a chart. deceiver (streamer) and then an 18″ brown. I lost/missed at least 2 salmon. Then I had a follow from a MONSTER brown – I managed to get a good look at the fish and it was all of 27″ to 29″ or better! A big dark shark! Around an hour or two later I took my Cornell class to a popular shore area and landed a nice 20″ salmon, after missing 2 hits 5 minutes earlier. I got my fix, then went back to helping the students with their casting!

I’ve been ridiculously impressed by the quality of the Cayuga fish this year! There are good numbers of 15″ and 23″ browns out there (2 and 3 year olds I believe) plus there are some PIGS that are pushing 10lbs and up. With salmon, we have good numbers of 17″, 20 – 22″ fish and some 24″ and up! How great is that??? Lakers are doing well and rainbows are bouncing back – you can’t ask for a better fishery! Lampreys are under control. I think we’ll have great fishing for the next 2 years at the very least on Cayuga. I’m lovin’ it! And things are just getting started – the best fishing should be over the next month!