Cayuga Lake out of Taughannock 4/14


Guided a full day with Tony, who’s joined me on quite a few trips over the past few years. We targeted salmon/browns exclusively today and conditions were tough for casting. We were met in the AM with calm sunny conditions. Then the winds came up out of the north for a couple hours perfectly. By 1 pm they were gusting strong. Tony covered a lot of water today. We found warm water temps on the lake’s south end, but also the usual post-rainfall large expanses of muddy water. My guess is that in the warm murk was where many of the active fish were. Tony had a couple hits and one salmon on for a couple seconds (or a chaser.) One suicidal pumpkinseed grabbed Tony’s stickbait. But that was it. Tony fished hard! Friends did well jigging lakers near AES. All in all a tough day with a lack of wind, then too much and plenty of muddy warm water that was difficult at best to attempt to cover effectively by casting. H2O was up to 50 in the south end, 39 to 43 elsewhere, with 40 being the mainlake temp. Some warm days and moderate winds will make a world of difference!