Cayuga Lake out of Taughannock 5/28


Guided Mike for what wound up being a long half day, due to gusty north winds and fog in the AM. We met at 6 am and the goal was some browns and/or salmon via casting. Things weren’t looking too good for awhile. I had him cast around the major stream mouths and warmwater areas without even a hit or follow. Eventually we tried some laker jigging and found decent numbers of neutral fish from around 70′ on out. Mike landed a laker around 16″ (wild) and might have had one or two more hits.

We went back to casting and Mike had a hit and follow from what was likely a nice brown. Later, at Taughannock, Mike nailed an 18″ beautifully colored brown and a nice laker around 21″ both on spoons. Water temps ranged from 48 to 59, with 54 being about the average of what we ran into. There was some moderate debris around AES.

After the trip I wound up doing a bit of fly-fishing on my own. I actually fished till nearly 6 pm, which was a long day. I caught and released a very hard fighting brown trout that was fat and over 20″ long. We wore each other out. I had a follow from a small salmon then two follows from a real nice one. I would call the fishing good, not great but certainly not bad. No eels or fresh eel marks on any of the fish.