Cayuga Lake out of Taughannock 6/10


The original plan was to try and do some laker jigging and pike fishing today, but the laker jigging was compelling enough to keep us doing it for most of the day. Guided Todd (who joined me on 6/10) and his co-worker/friend Dave – who hadn’t fished in nearly 10 years – for the full day. Fishing was very good N. of AES with 9 nice lakers landed incl. 4 over 28″ long! The fish were putting on the feedbag a bit and there was plenty of bait around from very shallow out to the depths. White reapers accounted for the biggest two fish, and Lunker City Shakers accounted for the rest. Surface temps were around 57 or 58 today, warming further south. We did 1+1/2 hours of pike casting with one small smallmouth bass and a good follow from a large bass to show for it. Excellent day overall!