Cayuga Lake out of Taughannock 6/23 + Seneca/Geneva 6/24


My mind is a little hazy due to a very busy weekend, but below is what I remember! Fishing pressure remains light on the lakes, though the Geneva Chamber of Commerce boat launch did get busy on the 24th.

Cayuga/Taughannock 6/23: Guided Bob, Stu and Paul for a morning 1/2 day on Cayuga. They have lakefront houses and wanted to get into jigging. Fishing was decent with generally good action throughout the morning. The early AM (6 O’clock) bite was excellent, then tapered down, but it picked back up later in the morning. The guys landed around 8 to 10 fish (my brain is shot now, so I can’t remember exactly.) Most were in the 21″ to 24″ range with Stu picking up a solid 28″+ laker late in the trip. Fishing was really good in the 80′ range +/- 10′. Jigging friends of mine picked up a nice salmon around 24″ today.

Seneca Lake/Geneva 6/24: Today was a full day out of Geneva with Brian and his Dad Mike. Brian joined me a month ago with his fiancée’ for a laker/pike outing. The goal today was for Mike to get his first laker and he did, but it was a slow go. The guys landed 3 fish total and we did have some more hits. Good numbers of fish remain on the N. end of Seneca Lake and down both shores. The guys caught one in 68′ and others deeper. We started at 6 am and really worked hard trying to find active fish, but they were very negative and neutral at best.