Cayuga Lake out of Taughannock 8/29


What a day for some tranquility on Cayuga Lake! The quietest days to get out are usually the Wednesdays and Thursdays before holiday weekends. The lakes are dead in terms of boat traffic. It was great – not that we ever deal with much boat traffic these days anyways. I did consecutive 1/2 days and here’s how they went:

AM: Guided Linn and Jeff this morning starting at 6 am. It was perfect timing to hit first light. There was some fog/haze around but fishing was decent. The guys had some fish chasing and hitting the jigs from the get-go. Fish hit slow/steady all morning with 4 landed and a couple dropped. It was Jeff’s first time jigging and he had the hot hand landing 3 solid lakers. The size of the fish was good with some 26″ers. Some big lampreys were on the fish and one of the fish was scarred up pretty well.

PM: At 11 am I met Jeff and Abby, who’ve joined me periodically in the past. I love August fishing on Cayuga Lake – the bite often goes throughout the day, and today was no exception. We fished all over – from AES to Rocky Dock and Kidders and back towards Taughannock. Nearly every area we fished contained bait and lake trout. Six fish were landed ranging in size from Abby’s 16″ dink to her solid 28″ beauty and Jeff’s nice 26″ers. We even had a double going for a little while. Dark colors worked best today, like Lunker City’s smelt colored Swim Fishy.

Fish ranged from 85′ to 115′ on the east shore and 65′ to 100′ on the west shore. Plenty of bait was around.