Cayuga Lake out of Taughannock + Sodus Bay 9/3 – 9/6


Fishing remains very good on Cayuga Lake – with the best action typically being later in the AM until around 7 pm. Here’s the breakdown over the past few days:

9/3 AM: Fished with Boris and Mitchell (who’d joined me 2 years ago fishing pike/pickerel on Seneca Lake.) Lake trout action started slow but wound up being very good by mid-AM. The action was excellent by 2 pm, with lakers getting very aggressive. Some big fish were landed as well, including one wild fish.

9/3 PM: Guided Lowrance (aka Corky, Grizzly Adams and Santa Claus) and his wife Barbara. Again – more good fishing. We had good laker action until we left around 7 pm – with Barb getting a fish on her final drop of the day. Lots of fun was had!

9/4 AM: Had my long time friend Chris and his son Brian out for the day. We whacked lakers fairly well from around 9 am till 11 am or so. Brian hooked and lost a gorgeous landlocked salmon probably 25″ or better! In another area Chris hooked a fish that we knew couldn’t have been a laker. He landed a 26″ rainbow, which we released after a quick photo. More lakers were caught. All in all, very good to excellent fishing.

9/4 PM: Guided Amber for the evening. We had a lot of fun and she landed a few nice lakers. It was a relaxing trip on the water.

9/5: Did a full day out on Sodus Bay for gar with Terry and his in-law Dick. We saw what looked like hundreds of gar surfacing early in the AM. We started the day with some casting for bass. Due to all my laker guiding I regret not being more in-tune with bass, but that’s what happens. We worked some tried ‘n true bass areas and Dick caught a small largemouth and lost a nicer fish. There was a tournament going on and areas I like were being fished hard by competitors. We set up for gar and Dick had a follow in short order. Then Terry “hooked” one. My jaw dropped when I saw the size of the fish! It looked like two fish put together in the water. After a couple terrific jumps I grabbed the 45″ gar! Beautiful fish – and the longest we’ve landed on Sodus Bay gar fishing. After landing the fish we picked up Terry’s son in-law Jason and kept fishing. Boat traffic and wind hampered our efforts. But before the day’s end Jason caught one gar deep. Fun trip!

9/6: Guided Greg for the day on Cayuga. He’s joined me on many an occasion for different styles of fishing. He’s always fun to have on board and today was no exception. He landed a bunch of nice lakers – mostly after 10:30 am.

9/6 PM: Back out with Amber and her daughter Talia and her daughter’s friend. Jigging lakers was good with Amber taking it easy mainly watching her daughter and friend fish. The gals landed a couple nice fish, before Talia’s housemate started feeling slightly dizzy (lake-sickness.) So we called it an early day. It was the first trip I’d done with 3 gals – hopefully not the last!