Cayuga Lake out of Union Springs 11/15


Cayuga Lake’s water level is still good for launching at Union Springs. A lot of perch fishermen were out here today. My buddy Terry and I got underway around 9:30 am and worked a bunch of areas for perch. We stayed away from the fleet(s) for better or worse. Fishing was pretty good with the usual good bites and lulls throughout the day. We probably landed 60 or 70 fish – a lot of dinks for sure, but we kept around 20 that were all 9″ or better. We also released around 10 to 12 fish that were also keeper sized 9″ers.

Pickerel and even a few sunfish/bluegills were active. Terry lost what was likely a big pike too. We used fatheads and plastics. Water temps were around 49 to 51.