Cayuga Lake out of Union Springs 11/6


Guided regular client Greg today for the full day targeting largemouth bass and chain pickerel. We started just after 7:30 am with strong winds out of the south. Water temps were at 50 degrees. Winds were likely gusting into the upper teens and the waves were over 2′ and kicking up plenty of mud. I was able to find some relatively calm areas and set up a drift with my drift sock. Fishing was tough, but Greg managed a keeper sized (released) largemouth and pickerel. Greg insisted that I fish a bit and I also managed a decent bass.

I’m not a fan of guides fishing while working. I feel a guide’s energy should be focused on the client. You wouldn’t expect an accountant to be doing his own personal accounting while charging you as he works on your taxes. I don’t feel right about being paid to fish. I’d be ticked off if I were after trophy pike and my guide caught a lunker that I could’ve and should’ve caught – anyways you get the point. But Greg often insists I fish. He likes to see how I work lures and feels he can learn more by watching me, rather than having me try to explain things to him. So I tried a few different tactics. A Chatterbait yield a monster 21″ largemouth that was likely 5 3/4lbs or more. It was bleeding slightly after being hooked somewhat deep, so I didn’t want to weigh it. I handed Greg the Chatterbait setup and he promptly caught a nice 17″ bass and a few pickerel.

The rest of the day was just good to great fall fishing! We had hits on spinnerbaits, Chatterbaits, swimbaits, swim jigs, jerkbaits and probably our favorite – tube jigs. Best fishing was from 7′ to 14′ of water. Tons of pickerel and plenty of largemouths – from 10″ dinks up to 17″ chunks were hitting. Perch were following too. Towards the end of the day I was wrapping things up and Greg nailed a 17″ largemouth on a tube jig then hooked a really big fish that ran a while then broke him off in the weeds. Likely a BIG northern pike! Great day and not atypical fall fishing in the FINGER LAKES!

BTW – A lot of guys love chasing smallmouth bass in the late fall – and rightfully so, the smallmouth fishing can be great. Many tournaments are geared towards smallies (e.g. clubs might launch out of Taughannock on Cayuga Lake.) But I often find that the largemouth bass fishing is also really super this time of the year – for numbers and lunkers!