Cayuga Lake out of Union Springs 7/18


Went out bass fishing with my buddy Mike starting around 5:45 am. Unbelievably, this was my first time out “fun fishing” since Memorial Day Weekend. And my first time bass fishing for the year! That’s pathetic and was way too long and hopefully it won’t happen again, but the weather and an intense guiding schedule has made it tough to get out. Over the remainder of the year I’ll be out fishing on my own at least once to twice (or more) a week.

Mike has been hitting the bass pretty hard on Oneida Lake (he’ll be fishing as a co-angler during the Northern Open) and on his local lakes. He’s in the bass mode, fishing a couple times a week and it showed with him nailing the lion’s share of the fish today. He studies the fishing shows and has played around a lot with tackle. Anyways this morning we caught 6 solid largemouths with most coming via pitching and my lone (but nice) bass coming with a crankbait. Texas rigged craws worked best. I had a few issues with my pitching set up that we ironed out, but it’s amazing how seemingly little things can make a big difference. We moved around a bit and checked on a few different zones/areas for the bass. Pickerel were active with us landing around 5 or 6 too. Bass ran from 14.5″ to around 18″ and all were in very good to excellent condition – FAT.

We checked a few coves for gar at around 11:30 am. Found them in a usual area that’s tough to fly-fish, but we gave it a shot. Mike had a few blow-ups before noticing the menacing skies to our north. We got off the lake around 12:45. The storms looked very nasty! Water temps were around 81 to 83 today. Our fish came from around 7′ to 14′ FOW. I took a few photos today and will put them up later this season.