Cayuga Lake out of Union Springs 7/22 AM


Did a 6 hour trip today with John. He camps at Cayuga State Park a fair amount and wanted to work on some bass techniques other than what he normally does. We started around 6 am. With the NY Federation Tournament on the St. Lawrence River, Cayuga was fairly devoid of bass boats, which is a rare sight on weekends!

The lake was choppy to start with some moderate south winds. Lots of floating weedmats and chopped up bits of weeds abounded. The bite wasn’t easy. I don’t think the weather system is helping. I had him throw some deep crankbaits – which he does a fair amount of. He also worked a Sworming Hornet with a Shaker, which nabbed him a pickerel. Bass were not real cooperative in the areas and depths we fished. The lake hasn’t yet set up in a typical August pattern with large areas of coontail. It is starting to come up, but the weed composition is still largely pondweeds and some milfoil. He got a feel for pitching heavy jigs into thick clumps of weeds. This I feel will help him land large bass in the future.

I had him work a few different areas and pitching some Havoc plastics resulted in a couple largemouths in the 14″- 15″ range for him. Panfish were also active. We worked a bunch of different depths and areas with various techniques and limited success. I tried a handful of casts and caught a couple small bass, but nothing special. No large bass today. I will be on this lake a fair amount over the upcoming weeks/months and plan on a lot of bass fishing. A lot of the fishing will be exploratory. Stay tuned.