Cayuga Lake out of Union Springs 7/4 AM


Guided Mark and his son Jessie for a 1/2 day starting at 6:30 am. They have a place on Canandaigua Lake and wanted to learn some bass techniques. I haven't fished Cayuga for bass all year long, so it was great to be able to see what the lake was looking like up north.

July 4th is typically a very light AM boat traffic day around the mid-lake launches, but it sure wasn't at Union Springs. It appeared as though a tournament were taking place with a lot of boats at the launch even at 6:30! There was no tournament that I could see, but a lot of bass fishermen obviously enjoy getting out on the 4th of July.

The two key presentations I had the guys work was the Superfluke and Senko – both primarily shallow water lures that are very effective just about everywhere but especially on clear lakes like Canandaigua. We had some action but nothing special. The mild cold front last night seemed to have slowed things down – we didn't encounter any pickerel shallow, did not see many panfish and didn't see many bass. Some bass guys were working deep water. Jessie started things off with a fish around 14" on a Superfluke. He got the knack of working that lure in very short order. Mark missed a couple nice fish. We took a run after trying 4 areas and Mark wound up landing a nice 17" largemouth on a Senko.

At one point we were near a good lake trout area (the guys did a trip with me for lakers a couple years ago) and we figured it'd be nice to get some action after the somewhat tough AM. Laker action was great and 4 or 5 nice fish were landed (including a double.) Mark's first laker went 30" and fought great.

I hope to get an idea on what's happening with the bass here soon. Weedgrowth downlake appears to be way behind normal – which makes sense. There is a mild algae bloom taking place. Most weeds up north were pondweeds. No sign of much milfoil or coontail that I saw, but again – we didn't canvas a whole lot of water. Water temp was around 72 in most parts of the lake, though warmer in places up north.