Cayuga Lake out of Union Springs 8/24


Got out for more bass fishing with my buddy Terry starting just after 7 am. We continue to work “new” areas each time we go out. We started today in a place I used to fish with Terry back before I even owned a boat – going back to the mid-1980s. I chose the area and hadn’t remembered fishing it back then, but he did. I started things off with a couple pickerel hooked (toothy critters just love me) and Terry then proceded to land 4 nice largemouths in a row. All of this was within the first half-hour of fishing.

We worked some more areas and found some interesting stuff. Eventually I landed a bass or two (we caught a fair number of pickerel) and Terry managed a couple more bass. I stung and unfortunately dropped what was likely the best bass of the day on a swimjig. I thought I had a good hook into it; there’s nothing I would’ve done differently, but it came unbuttoned. Bass today ran from 11″ to 17″. The one I lost was over 18″ without a doubt. The lake looks good and is fishing pretty well. We will continue to fish our way around the lake. The fun part has been avoiding the community holes and trying different stuff.