Cayuga Lake out of Union Springs 9/20


Got out with my buddy Terry for largemouths. We fished a combination of areas we’d previously worked as well as some “newer” areas. We were on the water just after 7 am and enjoyed around 2 hours of lowlight fishing before the fog lifted. Fishing was good to start with me having the hot hand for the first time in a while. Swimbaits, Superflukes and Senkos helped me land my “limit” in less than 2 hours. Fish were all solid, mostly running 17″ to 18″. I caught one other largie later on that was undersized. Terry nabbed a couple nice bass as well in different areas and dropped one in our first area. Pickerel were active and are looking in better condition than previously – they clearly are starting to put on the feedbag. A few boats were out perch fishing but it appears premature. Water temps shot back up into the lower 70s. Water levels are average. The clarity still is good.