Cayuga Lake Shorefishing 1/24 PM


I live fairly close to the “Cayuga Operating Company” plant aka Milliken Station/Cayuga AES, so it’s not a big deal to drive over to check it out. In the wintertime I can usually see the stack from my living room window. They’ve been generating power over the past few days, but today they weren’t doing much. I still gave the pike fishing around 2 hours or so with the 8 wt. fly-rod.

Nobody else was fishing when I arrived around 3:15 pm. I casted a very heavy unwieldy Clouser Minnow and within 10 minutes I landed a solid northern pike around 28″ or 29″ long. Great fight! But that was it. Casting was tough with the north wind – at least at certain angles. The lake is as low as I’ve seen it. Just ridiculously low. I remember winters in the early 2000s and late 1990s where we’d have to wade under the docks to get over to the point. Now it’s easy to wade OFF of the docks. Big difference and I’d like to know why the DOT or Canal System or whoever controls the lake level feels that it needs to be even lower than it was 10 years ago – and it was low back then. I’d call the pike fishing “fair.”