Cayuga Lake Shorefishing 12/27


I took a drive down to Cayuga Lake to check out the shorefishing. My buddy Mike was working some different areas from shore. Neither of us had any luck.  The lake is rising and there was a big influx of cold water – that tends to inactivate fish and push them out and deeper.  There was also a lot of debris floating around.

I’ve had a few issues lately with my email and my website contact form.  I’m receiving mail but some of it isn’t downloading in a timely matter and some appear to be getting lost in the shuffle.  I recently did a search for an email I accidentally deleted and momentarily saw a couple emails sent to me with inquiries/questions about area fishing.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to record the addresses – the mails were quickly and automatically deleted and I can’t find them.  One was from Richard and one was from Charles.   Please email me directly with your comment/questions/inquiries if you don’t get a response within 24 to 48 hours.  My email is

As I’ve mentioned before, I ALWAYS respond to emails within 48 hours (usually less) if I’m around.