Cayuga out of Dean’s 4/29


Did a 1/2 day trip with Cy, his brother Rob and Bob (two Bobs basically 😉 Action started out very slow, with no solid hits for the first 3 hours. Then Cy caught a good fish reeling up. Another 3 fish were landed, most importantly Rob’s massive 35″ 12lb. 12 oz laker! He’s an accomplished angler and knew he had a big fish from the get-go. He was using what’s now becoming a deep-jigging favorite rod – my custom Mike Canavan “STICK”! This rod has a very fast action and plenty of power, yet is high quality and light. No fish were lost today, but I’d be lying if I said action was fast. We worked very hard for our fish. Best action was deep – 150′ to 160′ or so. We did some fishing shallow but didn’t hook up. The depth finder is still having issues (I’m currently shopping around for a new unit.)