Cayuga out of Dean’s 4/7


Good to excellent lake trout fishing continues in Cayuga’s depths. Guide trip today and my guys landed 7 nice 26″ to 28″ lakers in around 6 hours. They came on large heavy tube jigs in 150′ to 165′ of water on the flats around the northern portion of the lake. They are hitting aggressively mostly on the retrieve. One fish spat up a couple baitfish. They are well-proportioned, well-fed fish. It appears that they are just starting to feed well.

Most fish had some evidence of lamprey hits. We had one live lamprey attached to a fish. Overall, I’m not too concerned since I’ve seen quite a few clean fish as well this season thus far. Lake level is still pretty low – but launchable. No one else out there today. It was cold and wet! So cold and wet we had one nice baitcasting outfit wind up in the lake! The perils of guiding in the cold….. 😉