Cayuga out of Dean’s 6/26 + 6/27


Spent a lot of time on Cayuga over the past weekend. Here’s how our fishing panned out:

6/26 AM: Guided Andy and his girlfriend for a 1/2 day. We took it easy with an 8 am start. The bite wasn’t easy for us in the AM but we managed to land 3 nice lakers and miss a couple incl. a salmon. Friends on the lake and on other lakes reported some pretty hot early AM fishing. 75′ to 90′ seemed to have the most activity.

6/26 PM: Guided Toby and his friends Honey and Christina. They don’t fish much but brought a lot of enthusiasm with them. The lake trout bite remained fairly tough, but in the evening the fish got a bit more active. The ladies each managed to land a nice fish and lose a few. Toby had a hold of quite a few fish/bites but luck just wasn’t with him! A good time was had by all and with luck the gals cooked up a nice fish dinner for him.

6/27 AM: Guided Sam, Adam and Kevin for the full day. We started at 6:30 am with a good bite. Adam started things off with a nice laker around 28″+that fought great. As the day went on the bite slowed and then picked up again by midday. All in all a good day with 7 nice fish landed. Everyone enjoyed the jigging and the depths remained the same – around 75′ to 90′ +. We saw trollers pick up nice salmon or rainbow. Most of our fishing was done on the east shore.

6/27 PM: Guided Paul and Tarah for a half day (yes it was a long day for me on Sunday.) Fishing wasn’t easy to start and storms were threatening and then would disperse. Paul wanted to learn the technique – he’s caught plenty of lakers trolling. A couple fish were landed in the first two hours. As the sun got lower and things clouded up the fishing picked up. Another 6 or 7 nice lakers were landed. A really great end to the day! Again – 75′ to 90′ seemed best.

Friends reported continued good to very good fishing further downlake, on Owasco and on Seneca Lakes.