Cayuga out of Dean’s Cove 4/27


The “Fish Gods” work in interesting ways. A little over a week ago I took John V. and Ed out for 1/2 day of lake trout jigging. Both anglers did well with Ed catching the lion’s share of the fish. John came out again with me last Friday and missed a couple while the other guys did well. On this trip John did very well, landing 4 nice fish averaging 27″while Ed just didn’t get the bites. That’s fishing! It happens to me and I’m sure it happens to those of you reading this. The fish were loaded with freshly killed alewives and a few smelt.

Lake trout action slowed for us a bit on Monday. We found excellent numbers of fish on bottom from around 135′ to 175′ give or take. But the fish just weren’t nearly as aggressive as they were on Sunday. We didn’t find any real patterns. Just keep working areas and move around a lot is what we did. Surface temps were up around 43 degrees! As they continue to rise expect a lot of brown trout and salmon to work their way up the lake.