Cayuga out of Dean’s Cove 5/21


I guided a 1/2 day + with Doug and Jason from Auburn. Doug wanted to learn some good areas on Cayuga for jigging/trolling lakers and salmon/browns. We started out on the east shore and Doug nailed a laker on the first drop! It didn’t take long before Jason got one too. Fish were scattered from around 30′ (possibly lakers) out to at least 90′ of water. We marked a good bait pod or two, but things still weren’t going hot ‘n heavy. We decided to leave our fish so I could show Doug a few more good areas. The next place we fished produced another nice fish for Doug. We tried a bunch of areas and depths but didn’t find anything outstanding. Doug nailed another nice 29″ fish on the east shore, we tried an area on the west shore, then we called it a day. All in all, decent fishing not great but certainly not bad at all – a beautiful day. Water temps on top reached 51 on the west shore.