Cayuga out of Taughannock 1/17


My buddy Mike wanted to get his Lund in the water to make sure everything was running well. I joined him for some laker jigging. We had pike and salmon gear with us, but the conditions looked much better for lakers, so we headed north. Around AES we marked scattered fish from around 117′ out to 152′. I’m sure as always fish were shallower and deeper, but most showed up from 130′ to 140′. Mike had the first hit. Then I hooked a solid fish – 27″ and in good condition. I used a 1 1/2 oz fishhead jig with a BPS white flipping tube just threaded on. After that we got hits but had trouble hooking the fish. I generally avoid trailer hooks – due to the numbers of lakers we often catch and the mussels on the lake bottom, but for lethargic winter fish they may be in order. Anyways, Mike had a good hit and set into a nice laker but it got off. The wind started coming up around 1 pm and we got a good drift and were getting faint hits (I really needed to pay close attention, else I wouldn’t have noticed any hits.) At 2 pm we decided to try some salmon fly-fishing. We didn’t have any action – but I wasn’t surprised with the wind conditions. Once we get the right weather, the fishing should be good for salmon – we’ll see. H20 was around 40. A few boats were out trolling. Lake levels are low.