Cayuga out of Taughannock 10/15


A couple days ago I got a call from George, who has a house on Cayuga Lake. He and his buddy Roger wanted to learn how to jig lake trout and some other patterns for Cayuga Lake fishing. We met at 7 am at Taughannock and I showed them the jigging pattern. Within a half hour Roger hooked and landed a spawned out laker around 26″ on a shaker. He missed another on a spoon. The guys felt good about the jigging so we headed south looking for bass and pike. I had the guys work swimbaits, Rapala jerkbaits, tubes and a little bit of dropshotting. We had one follow of a small pike in our first area, then George nailed a 15″ smallie on an X-rap. The lake calmed and fishing slowed. We did see a couple nice salmon near the south end of the lake. They are out of temperature looking for spawning streams! Another area provided a follow from a dark salmon, but no grabs. PM laker jigging was slow, with a few more hits but no hookups. Overall a pretty slow day on Cayuga. Foliage is in peak shape. I’d give the lake a couple more weeks before hitting the bass/pike in the southern portions. North end fishing should be good for largemouths and pickerel. Perch action is good. Salmon and trout are starting to stage. Water temp is still around 60. Shallow weeds are still green.