Cayuga out of Taughannock 3/18


Got out all day long with my buddy Mike. We started around 8 am and fished till almost 6:30 pm. There are fish around the usual areas like Taughannock and further south. Creeks were spewing murky and, in some cases, slightly warmer water into Cayuga Lake. We had hits on our first 5 passes around the park, but only connected on a 16″ to 17″ salmon. Clearly, there were some lethargic and smaller fish taking passes at our flies. We fished hard for a few hours, then the wind died and it started raining. We tried laker jigging near the lake’s south end for an hour and a half w/o seeing anything. A 14″ brown and a couple more salmon, incl. a 20.5″ fish rounded out the day. When the wind blew, we had action – not great, but solid. I expect some very good salmon/brown trout fishing – weather depending, right through mid-May! Fasten your seatbelts! H2O is 36 (up to 39 in places) and water levels are still LOW. Fishing pressure from shore was fairly high at the park today.