Cayuga out of Taughannock 8/3 AM + Seneca out of Sampson 8/3 PM


I’ve been doing some split day trips, which has worked out well for me and clients in general. Basically run a morning trip from 6 am till 10 am + then pull the boat out and do an evening trip from around 4 pm till 8 pm+. Here’s how today went:

Cayuga 8/3 AM: Met Lance, Nika (hope I spelled that right) and Peter at the launch at 6 am. The winds were blowing pretty good (10 mph) out of the south. For a 3-person trip, that can be tough. Fishing was kind of slow to start without much of an AM bite. All the guys had some early hits with Nika losing one laker N. of AES. Then Lance caught one and Nika landed one as well. Both decent fish around 25″ or so. Not much happening after that. The guys had some trouble feeling/detecting the bottom, which can be very hard in 85′ of water with the boat drifting. We could have done much better had it not been so windy. One change I’m in the process of making is that I’m switching to Fireline Crystal. It’s very visible above the surface and that aids in detecting the bottom as well as hits. So far so good with it! All in all, we had a fun day, though it wasn’t easy fishing by any means.

Seneca/Sampson 8/3 PM: Guided Doug – who joined me on my early season Landlocked salmon “skunk” trip on Seneca in March, and his son Peter. Today was the jigging tutorial and things went pretty well. We mainly fished around the park and just south. The guys picked up the technique pretty well. We started with calm conditions then it got windy. 4 nice fish were landed – 3 wild and one hatchery. A few were dropped too. Chartreuse plastics as well as white/chart. baits worked best. Around 67′ to 85′ produced our fish. We had a few aggressive chasers. Doug has a place on the lake and he caught a nice healthy fat pike yesterday, so that’s always good to hear. The guys really enjoyed learning the technique.