Cayuga/Seneca 8/7 + Cayuga/Taughannock 8/8


8/7 AM Cayuga/Taughannock: I picked up Jim and Steve at 6 am S. of Portland Point and we started searching for lakers. I wound up heading N. to some favorite areas and we had a very good AM bite, at least until the wind really cranked up out of the N. at around 9 am. The guys lost a few, but landed 4 nice fish to 30″ and probably 9lbs+. The wind pretty much shut things down for us. Good numbers of Cayuga fish are within a few miles of Taughannock.

8/7 PM – Seneca/Geneva: The plan was to stay on Cayuga Lake and fish the evening bite with the Hermans, but the winds were just not conducive to it. So after a break, I met the Hermans at Geneva at 4 pm and we headed out. It didn’t take long before Eleonore was into a 26″ fish. There were a lot of fish around but many were negative/neutral. Loads of fish were suspended in around 115′ of water. We picked up another fish or two up North, then I headed south. I found an area I’d never fished before that had a nice shelf in around 80′ to 95′ of water – perfect! The new area produced another 3 or 4 fish up to around 25″. A lot of Seneca fish migrate south gradually and I think that’s what’s happening. I don’t know, but I’ll probably go out of Sampson State Park more than Geneve unless the winds are out of the N. strongly.

8/8: Cayuga/Taughannock: Joe called me a couple days ago. I’d just had a postponement for Sat. AM, so I was able to get him and his son Alex in. The guys drove straight in from PA starting at 2 am! We got off to a slightly later start than anticipated, but it didn’t seem to matter. Fishing on the east shore of Cayuga was very good to excellent. It wasa fun trip. Alex really whacked the fish – landing at least 9. Joe got a couple small ones and one decent fish. Fish slowed up around 11 am, then resumed hitting around 1:45 or so – we nailed 2 more.

PM – I took out Jeff, Abby and Randy. The goal was to catch enough trout to feed around 10 people and we managed to succeed. The wind had died and it wasn’t easy covering water. Bets were on for the 1st. fish and heaviest. Randy nailed the first, Jeff caught the most and Abby caught the heaviest. Abby landed a 30″ beauty that we released. 5 fish were landed on the trip. One or two were lost. My friend Mike was out there and really hammered the fish. Most of our PM action was on the west shore from around 65′ out to 80′ or so. Fishing is also still good N. of AES.