Cayuga – Shorefishing Report 4/28


Well I’ve had a tough week of “not fishing” thanks to nasty winds compounded with a run-in with Bambi on Route 89 a few nights ago, so off to Taughannock I went for some shorefishing/wading with my pal Shahab. We started around 1:30 pm and found some nice warm water by the creek mouth but no biters. I’m sure some fish were around somewhere with the 50 degree water in the creek. Tried the south point and now I remember why I love my boat so much. Shore fishing can be great – it’s how I learned, but nothing beats the boat. The shoreline of Cayuga Lake is laden with slippery jagged rocks which make wading difficult without Korkers at the very least. Anyways, no luck over at Taughannock so we shot down to Ithaca and fished the “Wall” aka Lighthouse Pier. Winds were brutal, and I’m glad I wasn’t out in the boat today. Saw a carp break the water plus at least one salmon/trout break. Shahab nailed a beautiful 22″ 4lb. salmon near the end of the pier on a chartreuse flashwing bionic smelt fly. Great catch for such a tough day, and we ran into 4 other flyfishermen that never touched a fish…..The photo has been posted on this site, check under Spring 2005/Cayuga Landlocked salmon fishing. We finished the day at around 5:30 with some cold brews up at the Chapter House in Ithaca.