Cayuga/Taughannock 6/29 + Otisco Lake 6/30


Cayuga 6/29: Guided Yvonne and Bryan on Monday for the full-day. We had OK fishing – not spectacular, but certainly not bad. Mid-lake areas produced 3 nice lakers for Yvonne and one good fish for Bryan. One fish was dropped. The morning bite was slow, though we got a slightly late start due to some circumstances beyond our control! Fish bit slow, but fairly steadily throughout the AM. Lots of lookers and chasers. They each caught fish measuring 27″. The lakers are fighting GREAT right now, just in peak shape – making some drag ripping runs. They don’t like being cranked up into warm water! It was a fun day – we’ve had some fun trips lately!

Otisco Lake 6/30: Had a fun day on Otisco Lake with my buddy Jarrod. We started at 6 am with some rain and threatening weather. We were fairly engrossed in conversation when I felt a couple tugs on my rattlebait. I uncharacteristically wasn’t paying attention, which is a HUGE no-no when musky fishing. I caught a glimpse of the 24″ tiger after I failed to set the hook! Jarrod, not being a slouch, cast his tube jig behind the boat in the direction of my Tiger and got hammered. He landed the 24″ fish. Around 1/2 hour later Jarrod’s tube got hammered again and in short order I was sliding the net under a 34″ beauty! We fished until 1 pm or so and didn’t have any more action with the exception of a couple exhuberent bass. So far so good on Otisco Lake – we’re getting these muskies figured out!