Cayuga/Taughannock Sept. 21


I had a lot of fun today on Cayuga Lake mainly just experimenting with “new” areas and tactics. Lake trout are literally all over the southern portion of Cayuga. I found fish off Taughannock, Flat Rock, Willow Point, Crowbar and the Yacht Club including areas between! On the east shore fish were basically available from across the Yacht Club and north. Portland Point had some decent numbers of fish around too.

The heavy concentrations of actively feeding fish have disappeared. I did have upwards of 2 to 3 fish chasing my jig at times but I had to work harder for fish than I did over the past month. We are entering the spawning mode on Cayuga Lake and fishing should still hold up, but it won’t be quite as fast and furious. Bait is still around. I had a smallish brown on today and a few tiny salmon, but nothing great yet in that department.

The beauty of the Finger Lakes is that the lakers spawn at different times on different lakes! So that big “pre-spawn feeding binge” we experienced on Cayuga will repeat itself on the other lakes throughout the fall. Lake hopping is the way to go! Right now Owasco Lake is peaking. Others will follow…. 😉